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Stern Rubber Company

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In the fall of 2014, a few of us from Imagine That attended a four-day search marketing expo put on by Google and Search Engine Land. It was there we met Rich Swearengin from Stern Rubber Company. He became a friend, then a client, when Stern hired us to create its new, search engine optimized website.

Project Description

Stern’s goals for the new website included increasing brand awareness, generating more leads, and improving performance in search. To accomplish these goals, we proposed strategic changes to the site’s organization and content to better meet the needs of Stern’s customers. We set out to communicate the value of the Stern brand and connect its customers with the content they search for online.

Brand Strategy

Stern Rubber Company has earned its reputation by providing custom molded rubber products that drive American industries forward. Our strategy for the website focused on educating Stern’s customers and setting up a clear way for them to engage with the brand. We transformed the look and feel of the website to reflect brand strengths like experience and innovation, promoting brand awareness. We also included clear calls to action, generating leads by encouraging customers to “get a quote.”

Web Design

To create the best possible website for Stern, we knew two things right away: it would have to be built on a CMS and it would have to be mobile responsive. Using Concrete 5 CMS, or content management system, we made sure the site content could be easily maintained. Then, we chose a layout that was designed to respond to various screen sizes, including mobile devices. We worked with Stern to train them on the CMS and its features prior to launching the site.

Digital Marketing

Stern’s new website was built from the ground up to be SEO friendly. We researched relevant keywords, such as “rubber manufacturing” and “custom rubber products,” and identified which ones could help Stern compete in search results. Then, we positioned these keywords where they would be most effective within the site. We also worked with Stern to optimize its blog posts. Since the launch of the new site, performance in search has improved, with posts showing up on page one for at least one targeted keyword.


Imagine That has enjoyed gaining Stern as a client and finding the right strategies to fit its business goals. The new website has gained visibility, attracting more customers. We continue to boost its performance with one of our ongoing SEO plans. We also work closely with Rich and our other friends at Stern to advise them on posting blog and social media content to support the site.

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Blog Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Advertising (PPC)
  • Content Marketing

Launch: December 2014


Video Production

From the Client...

Imagine That has the best and most understandable quote that we received, spelled out all the key points that needed to be addressed. Imagine That has been very helpful in getting our company's new website started, I can always get answers to my problems and their team always has suggestions and creative solutions. I'm extremely satisfied with the service they provided.

Rich Swearengin - Business Development and Marketing Manager

We are proud to have Stern Rubber Company as a client since 2014.