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Good website design optimizes a website for all platforms including mobile. The site for the FDRD in Dillon Colorado is a good example.

What Makes a Website Successful?

Good website design doesn't happen by accident; it takes more than good coding and artistic design. A successful, high performing website takes the best practices from multiple online marketing disciplines and combines them to create a user experience that motivates your customers to action. The ultimate test is how does your website impact your company's bottom line. Is it bringing customers?

High Performance Websites Include...


User Experience

An engaging user experience (UX) on your website means customers take action and come back. More


User Centered Design

More than colors and pretty pictures, your website's graphic design sets the tone for user experience. More


Lead Generation

The ultimate goal for your website and online marketing efforts - more leads, more conversions. More


Responsive Web Design

A website that is designed for mobile devices ensures the best user experience possible and favorable rankings in search. More


Information Architecture

How you present the content on your website is as important as the content itself. Getting your customers to the right content requires planning. More


W3C Compliance

W3C compliance means your website performs uniformly across major browsers and is optimized for search and UX. More

Our Web Design Process

Our web development process starts with understanding your goals and market and ends with a website designed to reach those goals.

At Imagine That we consider all the best practices for website design. The result is web design that accurately communicates who you are, what you offer and what you want your website's users to do. Dream BIGGER: don't settle for "yet another website". Let us help you grow your business online. At Imagine That we use the latest web technologies to create a best-of-class experience for your online customers. With websites starting at just $120/mo, we work within your budget to build the right solution for you.

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Custom Web Design

Cutthroat Angler's website in Silverthorne CO. Another example of responsive website design for business in the mountain region of central Colorado.

eCommerce Solutions

We offer a variety of e-commerce options. All are designed to drive sales to your online store. Pair with a comprehensive digital marketing plan and watch sales soar.

Optimizing your site for mobile user is imperative, especially if you want to reach tourists who primarily use their mobile device to search for activities and places to eat.

Mobile Apps

From mobile websites to dedicated mobile apps - we have you covered. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Do you have an idea for the next great online application? Summit County is become famous for tech startups. We can build and market your app.

Web Apps

We integrate third-party or custom-built applications to fit your business needs, including mobile, web and dedicated applications.

The CMS (content management system) used to build your website is as an important a consideration as the rest of the site. We'll help you select the right CMS for your project.

Content Management Systems

We can build your website on a variety of CMS platforms. We choose the platform that best fits your marketing goals, considering SEO, usability and performance.

Case Study: I-70 Coalition, a project of the I-70 Coalition, helps travelers plan a delay-free trip along the I-70 mountain corridor between Denver and Vail. The website was originally created in 2009. In May of 2013 they asked us to create a new, responsive website that brings all of the I-70 travel resources together.