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Your Brand Is Who Your Customers Say You Are...

Your brand is a person's gut feeling about you, your business, and your products. Building a good brand does not happen by accident.

Your brand is more than just a logo and color scheme. It’s your customers’ perception of you and your business. In other words, your brand is not who you say you are – it’s who your customers say you are. At Imagine That, we drill down to the root of your brand, discover your core values and craft a brand strategy that will determine all of your future marketing campaigns and advertising. Whether you're a start-up business or an established corporation, the most important part of your business plan is your brand design and development.

Our Brand Development Process

Starting by discovering your vision, mission, and values, Imagine That will help you flesh out your brand.

Why your Brand is Critical

If you are a start-up business, the most important part of your business plan is your brand development. Your brand describes:

  • How you want your customers to perceive you
  • How your relationship with your customers is developed
  • Internal Operating Procedures: your values, vision and mission statements
  • Employer/Employee relations
  • Standards & Expectations: online presence and communications

If you are an existing business and need a brand overhaul, we can help you develop a solid brand image while preserving the best elements of your existing brand.

How We Help Develop Your Brand

Uncovering your vision, values, and missions is part of the brand discovery process.

Brand Discovery

Our creative team sits down with you in a branding and business discovery session. Together we drill down to the heart of your business to determine its core values, mission and purpose.

Your logo become to visual representation of your brand. Consistent use of your logo across all platforms help with branding.

Logo Design

Your logo is a physical representation of your brand. Our design team believes that a logo should command attention and foster an image of trust. We work with you to create the logo that best fits your business identity.

From business cards to web graphics, Imagine That can create your brand collateral.

Print Design

We specialize in the creation of high-quality print material that stands out above the crowd. We pride ourselves on creating high-impact marketing material that achieves results.

Marketing studies show that a video on your home page can improve click throughs by as much as 130%. Would you like to see a potential 130% increase in traffic?


If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 10,000. Adding video to your website's content allows you to create an emotional experience with your brand. We create videos ranging from simple testimonials to feature-length documentaries.

From Our Clients...

"In creating a first time online presences for our company; the Imagine That team demonstrated amazing patience, professionalism and the technical ability in developing all that we requested. THANK YOU Imagine That!"

Tania M. Dirks - RK Graphics - New York