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Artifacts Teach

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Project Description

Artifacts Teach is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product by Sources and Solutions, LLC. Sources and Solutions approached Imagine That in May 2012 with an idea for an online learning platform, Imagine That provided branding and web development services ...We also designed and built the SaaS application and developed the online and offline marketing channels. Online marketing channels include: social media, email marketing and search engine marketing. We designed a best-in-class tradeshow booth and designed all the print materials Artifacts Teach uses at their booth. Imagine That continues to provide consultative services related to Artifact Teach’s marketing. We are helping them expand into new markets.

Brand Strategy

Sources and Solutions, along with their product Artifacts Teach, are new entities. Imagine That did an extensive branding process with them to develop the brands for the product and the company. The branding process included a day-long discovery session where we unpacked all the motivations Sources and Solutions had for building Artifacts Teach. We performed a thorough market analysis to see who else might be in their category. After all the research was done, we worked closely with Sources and Solutions in developing their logos and brand messages. We helped them draft brand management SOPs (standard operating procedures).

Website Design

Imagine That built two marketing websites for Sources and Solutions: one for the company and one to promote the product. These websites contain all the information users need to get a good picture of Sources and Solutions and Artifacts Teach. The marketing site for Artifacts Teach includes an interactive demonstration page.

Web Application Development

Developing the SaaS application took a team consisting of a project manager, programmers, testers, and UX experts. Our team designed a user-centered online learning tool that provides an easy way for teachers to build lessons and organize classes. For the student, Artifacts Teach provides an intuitive interface for completing lessons.

SaaS Technical Support

Imagine That worked with Sources and Solutions to design and implement a customer support system. Sources and Solutions customers can get live technical support during business hours. They can get 24/7 support via the support ticket system integrated with Artifacts Teach.

Tradeshow Marketing

Educational tradeshows, conferences, and events are a huge part of Sources and Solutions offline marketing plan. They needed a top-shelf booth in which to showcase Artifacts Teach. Imagine That’s graphic artists designed a functional booth reflecting the Artifacts Teach brand. In addition to the booth, Imagine That developed a number of print promotional pieces to complement the booth.

Search Engine and Social Media Marketing

Part of the success of the social media marketing was due to the PPC (pay-per-click) campaign Imagine That implemented to launch Artifacts Teach. When launching a new website or product, it can take months for your website to show up in organic search results. PPC can be a quick and cost-effective solution to get your brand out there.

Teachers, especially younger ones, are vociferous users of social media. Imagine That designed a social media marketing strategy to help Sources and Solutions build a following for Artifacts Teach. Artifacts Teach’s Facebook page launched November 2013. As of June 2014, Artifacts Teach has close to 8,000 page likes. Page likes are growing a at rate of almost 1,000 new likes every month.

Email Marketing

Another facet of Artifact Teach’s online marketing strategy includes email marketing. Interested persons are able to sign up to receive information and promotional material from Artifacts Teach. Imagine That configured an email marketing strategy that helps Sources and Solution create segmented audiences while being compliant with national email marketing regulations.

Print Design

As with any startup, Sources and Solutions required business cards and stationery. Imagine That designed their printed materials, following the SOPs developed during the brand development process.

Marketing Consultation

Months after the launch of Artifacts Teach, Imagine That continues to help Sources and Solutions with its marketing and product development. We provide research-based marketing recommendations on a consultative basis. Imagine That is also consulting with Sources and Solutions to help them take the Artifacts Teach platform into new markets.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Web Application Development
  • User Experience Testing
  • SaaS Technical Support
  • Tradeshow Marketing Consultation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Print Design
  • Marketing Consultation

Launch: Dec 2013


From the client...

"In the Fall of 2012, my partner and I approached Imagine That with an idea about building an online tool for teachers that utilized artifacts to teach math, science, Language Arts and Social Studies. We received an enthusiastic and positive response. Over the last two years, Imagine That has professionally and successfully guided us through the branding process, has created, not one, but two outstanding websites, and has directed a very successful Social Media promotion on our behalf. We are delighted that we chose the right company and the right people with whom to create our business."

William VirdenCo-Founder, Sources and Solutions, LLCCreators of Artifacts Teach

We have been proudly working with Sources and Solutions in the continued development and marketing of Artifacts Teach since 2012.