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A Healthcare Revolution in Summit County

A healthcare revolution is on its way to Summit County this fall that will provide locals a more innovative and hands on way to manage their personal health care needs. A press release in Summit Daily News this week brings us the exciting news: Our Town Medical – a team of caregivers lead by Dr. Eric Gibb from Buena Vista, Colorado – will be opening a second practice in coming months at 301 West Main Street in Frisco.

Our Town Medical's New Office in Frisco

According to the article, Summit County is currently victim to the highest insurance premiums in the nation, and Our Town Medical has just the medicine we need: direct primary care.

Direct primary care isn’t a new concept. In fact, the model is reminiscent of old-time small town medicine when doctors made house calls to patients and waiting rooms didn’t exist. What makes Dr. Gibb’s model so innovative? Insurance is not accepted.

With nearly two decades of traditional medical experience, Dr. Gibb came up with the concierge medicine brand a year ago in Buena Vista, and started Our Town Medical. What came was a no-nonsense, simple healthcare program that replaces complicated paperwork and insurance policies with one monthly payment, which covers comprehensive primary healthcare.

Patients who sign up with Our Town Medical are awarded the convenience of zero hospital waits, market-costs pharmaceuticals and a myriad of other services unavailable with a traditional healthcare plan. Dr. Gibb’s model also includes benefits such as house calls, direct doctor-patient contact via phone, text or Skype, and even additional services such as massage and yoga.

Our Town Medical Professional Healthcare Team

Our Town Medical’s overall mission is to eliminate the hurried, impersonal medical setting that comes with crowded hospital waiting rooms, short doctor visits and overpriced healthcare plans. Dr. Gibb and the founders of Our Town Medical believe in putting the care back in healthcare, by focusing on preventative care and ongoing wellness.

Imagine That is proud to announce our official partnership with Our Town Medical as the practice’s marketing team. We believe Dr. Gibb’s vision will bring an invaluable service to the county and surrounding areas.

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Rachel Follender

By Rachel Follender
Imagine That, Inc.
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Frisco, Co