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The Future of Digital Marketing


We all remember the television show “The Jetsons,” right? Well, if you don’t, in short, the Jetsons were a nuclear family residing in Orbit City during the year 2062 … a futuristic utopia of robotic contraptions, aliens, holograms, and whimsical inventions including numerous push-button Space Age-envisioned conveniences.

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How Digital Marketing is Like Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and just as your dinner table will have some well-loved staples, digital marketing has its core elements, too. To put you in the Thanksgiving mood, grab a plate and learn how digital marketing relates to your Thanksgiving dinner.

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Understanding Attention Metrics


There's a new metric on the block for advertisers to measure. It's not 'clicks' 'page views' or 'unique visitors', it's Attention. This new way to measure the ingestion of online content will change the way advertisers tailor their ads and reach their target markets.

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GoPro and the Rise of Video Content


The advent of social media and YouTube has made quality, engaging video content more and more important for digital marketing and GoPro just released a new camera. They’ve introduced the Hero4 ‘Session,’ a smaller, more mobile, more rugged version of the regular Hero4.

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Digital vs. Traditional Marketing: The Right Mix

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The rising popularity of digital marketing has forced traditional marketing avenues to take notice and combine practices. Though digital marketing has advantages over traditional marketing, you should be fully aware of the marketing strategies and possible results of both before adopting a marketing plan.

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Dealing With Negative Online Reviews: The Good, the bad and the Ugly


Negative online reviews can be the death of any business as online business dealings are no longer a luxury, but a necessity in today’s digital marketing age. More and more, connected customers are researching their purchases online and therefore publicly complaining about the business dealings that ultimately didn’t go their way.

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Santa Claus Is Coming to Town: Is Your PPC Plan Ready?


It’s no secret that the holiday season brings with it an increase in consumer spending, but have you thought about how the retail industry benefits from ecommerce sales in November and December? Make sure your PPC campaigns are in order for holiday shopping!

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Ski Season, How to Correlate it With Digital Marketing?


I think it’s been apparent for a long time now that skiing and the action sports industry has been greatly affected and ultimately helped by the growth of social media and video content. What’s the best way to truly share what these athletes are doing? They’re sports that were meant to be seen – Not read about, not listened to on the radio, but seen.

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Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency Over an In-House Employee


Marketing your business online is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity. While there’s really no wiggle room on this, you do have one choice to make, however. And that choice is whether or not to hire your own in-house marketers or hire a marketing agency to do the work for you. This is one choice you do not want to take lightly. Naturally, whatever you choose will come down to price, but as you will see in this post, there are many more advantages to hiring a digital marketing agency than adding someone to your team. Let’s go!

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Video: The Latest Trend in Digital Marketing


Studies have shown that consumers are at least 64% more likely to purchase a product or service that has video representation. There it is, plain and simple. The rise of video marketing has been, and still is, one of the most exciting digital marketing trends in recent years. With that being said, it is no wonder that online video is doing its part to change the way audiences engage with content, ads, and brands, and no wonder that businesses are starting to take notice. The following is why and how you can and should use video for your brand and digital marketing strategy.

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