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Increase Conversions with a Mobile Responsive Website

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Is your non-responsive website costing you business? In this blog post we talk about the impact of mobile devices on online marketing and offer tips for helping you retain up to 61% more of your website's mobile visitors.

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What is Persuasion Architecture?


The world of marketing has changed. Gone are the days of mass marketing to an audience utilizing the few media outlets available and getting a conditioned response from said audience. Gone are the days of the power residing in the hands of the marketer. It’s just not that simple anymore. With the arrival of the Internet, cable television and an increasingly segmented audience where consumers are able to consume exactly what they want and when they want, businesses now have to adapt to customers rather than the other way around.

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Google Discontinues Support for Crawling AJAX Websites

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For some time, search giant Google, has been hinting at discontinuing its AJAX crawling scheme. What does that mean for you? Quite a bit if you have an AJAX Website. Don’t panic though Google will still index your site…. If you take certain steps.

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What Makes a High Performance Website

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So what makes high performance website? Or, “Why should I pay $3,000 for a website by an agency when a developer working from her basements assures me she can build the same thing for $1,000?” Really? Can one person do everything required to build a high performance website? We don’t think so.

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Mobile Searches on Google Outnumber Desktop Searches

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We have been moving our clients towards the mobile web since the end of 2012 when we read the writing on the wall – the world is going mobile.

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Website Loading Speed: User Experience & SEO all Rolled into One


Google has been very transparent with most of the factors that go into its algorithm for ranking websites in search. In the beginning, major factors that would hurt your site were all about spammy backlinks, keyword stuffing, and domain ownership. But, now that these are (or should be) widely known “black hat” practices, there are some new and interesting determinants of your site’s value and ranking position. This week I would like to focus on one of the major ones – website loading speed.

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A Non-Mobile Website: A Bridge to Nowhere


Is your website a bridge to nowhere? In 1998, struck Honduras and altered a river’s path. The Choluteca bridge that spanned the river was left high and dry. It’s not seeing any traffic these days. Over the last few years a series of torrential storms have hit the world of online marketing, leaving many businesses with websites that are bridges to nowhere.

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