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The Future Begins at Summit County Startup Weekend

The time has finally come! Summit County Startup Weekend is returning to Frisco next weekend on Friday, November 13 – Sunday, November 15.

Startup Weekend is an international event that promotes entrepreneurial leadership and innovation – There truly is no better atmosphere to bring an idea to life and turn it into a business. The event in Frisco next weekend will mark the third time Startup Weekend has come to Summit County.

Summit County Startup Weekend

The weekend kicks off on Friday with a meet-and-greet dinner, followed by individual attendants pitching their ideas and the formation of teams. All of the Startup Weekend events will be hosted at Elevate cospace and EVO3 on Main Street in Frisco.

“Startup Weekend is great for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur or who enjoys the creativity and freedom of being able to work for themselves,” said Aaron Landau, owner of EVO3 and a Summit County Startup Weekend official host.

“I think specific to Summit County, it’s definitely great for the people who want that work-life balance, and don’t want to deal with the I70 traffic or road construction in Denver,” Landau added.

The name “EVO3” represents the three major industries or types of economies that have dominated Summit County; the first two being mining and tourism. The third, a future hopeful: tech. The idea of looking toward the County’s future as Colorado’s next startup and tech hub is what makes co-working spaces like EVO3 and Elevate the perfect atmosphere for a Startup Weekend.

The purpose of Summit County Startup Weekend is to foster a community of entrepreneurial spirit and startups in a place that is saturated with tourism, real estate and ski industries.

“We see all these people come to the area every weekend, and then all of that intellectual horsepower goes back to Denver and the Front Range on Sunday,” Landau said. “When people want to do something in this community that isn’t in line with the local norm, we don’t want to lose those people to the Front Range, we want to keep those people here.”

Summit County Startup Weekend

Essentially, the idea of Summit County Startup Weekend is to turn Summit County into the next big startup capital in Colorado. The first two weekends have already brought incredible new ideas and businesses to the County that are still thriving – A testament to the hopeful future of the area.

To attend Summit County Startup Weekend all you need is a big idea, some determination, and, of course, to register here.

Rachel Follender

By Rachel Follender
Imagine That, Inc.
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Frisco, Co