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​Five Ways Imagine That Can Supercharge Your Real Estate Sales

There is no doubt that taking a holistic approach to marketing is essential if you wish to compete in the Vail real estate market. For many mountain resort locations, and the Vail Valley in particular, the competition is extremely high. With an increasing number of real estate professionals competing in a market with low inventory and high demand, it is absolutely necessary to establish a strong presence for your company in order to stand out and grow your business

Imagine That has extensive experience in helping real estate clients achieve strong brand recognition and powerful lead funnels on, and offline. Our team of experienced, professional marketing experts guides our clients through a proven process that precisely positions real estate agencies where potential buyers and sellers are looking. Below are some of the successful strategies Imagine That employs for real estate clients to enable them to stay competitive and enjoy strong growth.

Brand Identity

First things first. What makes your brand unique? Why should potential investors choose to hire you above others to help them find a property and guide them through the nuances of a real estate transaction?

It is critical to answer these questions (and more) to establish clarity in terms of how to differentiate your real estate agency from others operating in the highly competitive Vail market. At Imagine That, we help our real estate clients stand out by walking them through a process of defining a strong brand “archetype”. This results in a baseline repository that drives the marketing content and images used across all marketing communications. By going through this process, your brand’s message communicates consistency and clarity so it stand out against the “background noise” of the competition.

Strategic Planning

Second, to effectively market a real estate company in Vail, it is important to create a solid marketing strategy specifically designed to help you achieve your pre-defined business objectives. The professionals at Imagine That understand the importance of properly allocating your limited marketing budget to generate positive results including more leads, and powerful brand recognition.

It is crucial to identify and focus on the best channels, both online and off. Whether it’s driving organic traffic to your website, designing a beautiful brochure, engaging potential buyers on social media, developing a compelling listing presentation, or targeting specific international destinations with paid advertising, Imagine That can position you to compete with even the most established competitors.

Digital Marketing

Once your brand identity is defined and a marketing strategy is established, it’s time to implement! It’s no secret that the majority of customers are doing research online to find properties they would like to buy and firms they want to work with. Your company absolutely must be visible online if you want to compete in today’s markets.

There are a number of ways to be found, and an effective digital marketing strategy will include a cross-channel approach. It is important that your brand establish a presence in search engine results, across social media platforms, and on popular sites related to your industry.

Imagine That is well versed in industry best practices for white hat SEO (legitimate search engine optimization), including both onsite and offsite tactics that earn high rankings in Google. We create and manage social media profiles on major platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, allowing potential clients to find and engage with your business.

Additionally, as a certified Google Partner, Imagine That is uniquely capable of managing paid advertising on the AdWords platform. We maximize the effectiveness of your budget by targeting specific search terms, market segments, mobile device users, location based searches, among other dimensions key to finding new buyers and sellers.

Lead Capture

One of the primary objectives for any real estate marketing plan is to capture business leads. Imagine That knows all about industry best practices related to capturing real estate leads online. By designing websites and optimizing the content, we are able to build trust and encourage users to engage with your company. Further, Imagine That monitors all lead-generating activities across channels and we gather valuable insights to continually optimize lead generation on your behalf.

Marketing Automation and CRM

Once users become leads, it is key to have a strategy in place to move leads into a “funnel” that qualifies them, and engages them in the most appropriate way to increase the likelihood of converting them into property buyers or sellers. Imagine That employs a number of different CRM platforms that feature marketing automation to streamline this process.

Marketing automation is a cost-effective and effective time-management approach for your organization to foster a solid relationship with your leads in an automated, hands-off manner. Based on pre-set criteria, a marketing automation system sends appropriate messages for each step in the buyer journey. This takes a lot of the headache away from qualification, and enables you to focus your limited time and energy on nurturing relationships and closing deals.

Imagine That can help you, your team, and your brokerage firm develop and implement a powerful marketing strategy to boost your real estate sales and become more competitive in the Vail Valley’s coveted vacation home market.

With expertise in marketing real estate in mountain resort communities, Imagine That is a great resource to utilize for our expertise and capability. If you’re ready to start focusing on generating new leads and closing more deals, contact Imagine That today and leverage our professional team to take your Vail real estate business to the next level.


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