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Halloween Costumes and Brand Archetypes

It’s that time of year again! Jack-o-lanterns are lining the streets and children are getting their costumes (and their bellies) ready for a night filled with trick-or-treating, spooky decorations and lots of candy. But children aren’t the only ones who take part in trying on masks, and October 31st isn’t the only time of year to do so.

In fact, every single business, big or small, identifies with particular brand archetypes that define their practices and messages. These archetypes or sort of like characters, or costumes that defines a corporation. If you own or are part of a business, it can be extremely beneficial to partake in a branding session to define your business’s archetypes. In doing so, you can effectively construct long-term goals and best practices that fall in line with your company.

This October 31st, we decided to compile a list of some of the most popular brand archetypes (although there are

dozens), and match them up with their corresponding popular Halloween costume for 2015. Happy Halloween!

The Explorer ArchetypeThe Explorer

The explorer is a natural born leader – motivating others to explore and conquer new territory.

Unwilling to settle for the ordinary, the explorers are naturally independent and love a good challenge.

Explorer Business: REI
Explorer Halloween Costume: Owen from 'Jurassic World'

The SageThe Sage

Sages come in the form of individuals with a never-ending thirst for knowledge. Their super power is their knowledge, and they inspire those around them to seek the truth. The sage is excited by a challenge that requires a greater understanding, and others often see them as wise.

Sage Business: Discovery Channel

Sage Halloween Costume: Rafiki from 'The Lion King'

The Hero

The Hero

Naturally determined and focuses, the hero loves a challenge that allows them to demonstrated their unwillingness to lose. The hero excels in their area(s) of expertise, and is the one who has achieved great success despite the odds.

Hero Business: FedEx
Hero Halloween Costume: Antman

The OutlawThe Outlaw

The outlaw is the revolutionary; the game changer; the rebel. Often times, they are even the anti-hero. The outlaw believes that rules are made to be broken, and isn’t afraid to break outside socially acceptably norms to accomplish goals.

Outlaw Business: Harley Davidson

Outlaw Halloween Costume: Mad Max

The Magician

The Magician

Unhampered by tough times, the magician thrives in periods of turmoil and transformation. Magicians are the visionaries. They’re intuitive, insightful, and they motivate those around them to believe that anything is possible.

Magician Business: MasterCard

Magician Halloween Costume: Queen Elsa

The Jester

The jester

Filled with ingenuity and wit, the Jester is spontaneous, playful and humorous. They are able to show others the value of fun, and they are naturally creative. The jester is able to think outside the box, navigate their way around obstacles, and have fun while doing it.

Jester Business: Ben & Jerry's

Jester Halloween Costume: The Joker & Harley Quinn

Rachel Follender

By Rachel Follender
Imagine That, Inc.
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Frisco, Co