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GoPro and the Rise of Video Content

The action sports camera company, GoPro, just released a new camera. They’ve introduced the Hero4 ‘Session,’ a smaller, more mobile, more rugged version of the regular Hero4.

GoPro’s original concept was to develop a camera that was bombproof, portable and delivered high definition footage. Now, four generations later with a couple of spinoffs, the game has changed. But this time, it’s about features not included.

Because this iteration of GoPro is smaller and sleeker (just about the size of a standard ice cube), there are a few things it doesn’t offer. There isn’t an expansive menu, no extra features and in effect, no superfluous buttons. Once the ‘on’ button is pressed, the camera immediately begins filming. It is waterproof up to 33 feet right out of the box and is still capable of shooting in 1440p at 30 frames per second.

The cons? Some image quality was sacrificed when making this camera smaller and more user friendly. It doesn’t pick up backlit subjects as well as the Hero4, the color isn’t quite as vibrant and the sharpness can get slightly fuzzy. That’s not to say that the image quality is bad – not by any means. It’s just not as good as the Hero4. The price tag is also a concern. The new Session is just as expensive as the more high-tech Hero4 Silver at $400.

All in all the new ‘Session’ is smaller, lighter, more compact, more rugged and more user friendly. This new version is smaller by half and it’s just a slimmed down, no frills, action sports camera.

The new GoPro Hero4 'Session'

Photo courtesy of GoPro

The ‘Session’ is such a far cry from the early 10lb. Sony hand-held cameras that filming family members on ski trips has become commonplace. Look how far the technology has come!

The importance of the portable camera to the action sports photography world is immense. Small, HD cameras have made it simple for anyone to record high quality footage. This in turn made it easy for those who actually had photography acumen and action sports know-how to take gorgeous videos and pictures.

The advent of social media and YouTube has made quality, engaging video content more and more important for digital marketing. According to a report from video analytics firm, Vidyard, “Over 70% claim that video performs better than other content for producing conversions.” That’s huge.

Everyone is clamoring for online attention, and the marketplace is only becoming more crowded. When a certain type of media will almost guarantee you a higher engagement and conversion rate, why not include it on your website?

For online marketing to be successful, you need to be able to accurately measure return on investment (ROI). For your video to contribute to your ROI, the content needs to be relevant to your target market. If your target market cannot identify with the content of your video, it’s not doing its job.

Video content needs to be promoted across several channels. Posting video on social media channels will ensure that your message is being seen and promoted. Having video content posted on YouTube means your content can show up in search. Other channels might include online user groups, slide sharing platforms, and forums. Also, make sure that there are links to and from your site embedded in your video content, description and on your site.

So, the consumer watched your video, that’s great, but what do you want them to do? You have to let them know.

The ultimate purpose of having a website is to generate conversions (leads, sign-ups or sales). Having a ‘call to action’ at the end of content informs the target audience about the next step. Conversions are hard to come by unless your customers know where to buy your products and services.

Do the tools used to create content determine quality, or does it matter who is using the tools? Is it the archer or the arrow?

If anyone can create a video, does it matter what you’re shooting? My answer is this: If you think a family of tourists can go out and capture the same footage as, say, Candide Thovex, you’re dreaming.

Living and working in a place like Summit County, Colorado means that the action sports industry is literally in our backyard. On any given day, there is some sort of video content being created, right here.

Sharing personal experiences has long been a great joy of life. Just look at social media as an example. Sharing life experiences has never been easier. Video is one of the easiest forms of content to absorb and it’s extremely engaging.

In a time when video has surpassed the written word as the most digestible form of content on the web, it has become easier for marketers to share their stories, simply by using cameras that allow shots from different, unique angles.

The archer vs. the arrow theory is also true for digital marketing. Just because you have video on your site does not automatically make it a magnetizing, engaging piece of content. Not just anyone can craft an engaging digital experience for your brand. It takes a team of highly creative individuals.

As an online and digital marketing company, Imagine That Inc. is strategically positioned to help your brand utilize video as engaging and effective digital content. We’re here to help your brand realize its full potential. Get in touch today and we’ll determine what you need to succeed.