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With more and more people accessing the Internet through mobile devices, opportunities for mobile marketing are everywhere. Average Americans spend twice as much time on their mobile devices as they do eating. Seriously. Mobile marketing can help you take advantage of all that mobile airtime and connect you with consumers based on targeted factors in real time. At Imagine That, we use advanced mobile marketing techniques, including developing unique mobile apps, to establish your business on mobile devices. Let’s discuss mobile solutions for your business needs.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is the act of promoting your products or services on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. In its most effective form, mobile marketing means developing custom mobile apps users can download to quickly access information or make purchases. At a more basic level, mobile marketing means making sure your Internet marketing messages show up and look right for people on their mobile devices.

The most impactful Internet marketing messages are tailored to the devices they are viewed on. For the purposes of mobile marketing, that means making sure all your content, search and social media efforts are picked up and displayed correctly across mobile devices. In order to make sure your Internet marketing messages are seen, you must place them where consumers can easily view them online. With mobile Internet connection surpassing fixed connection in 2014, that includes mobile devices.

Why is Mobile Marketing important?

Mobile devices are no longer new technology. Just about everyone has a smartphone and it’s not unusual to find classrooms (from kindergarten through college) equipped with mobile tablets. Mobile is perhaps the newest marketing medium, but that doesn’t mean your business can afford to ignore it. In fact, since mobile is the newest in Internet technology, it also represents the most untapped opportunity. Odds are your competitors are already popping up in many of the same places as you online. Mobile marketing is an opportunity for your business to earn more market share.

The number of people using their mobile devices to search, socialize and accomplish tasks online is steadily increasing. Many people carry a smartphone with them at all times, using free moments to access apps and browse websites. If your marketing messages don’t appear on mobile devices, it’s as if they don’t exist until people get home and sit down in front of their desktop computers (which they are doing less and less). Mobile marketing allows your business to go everywhere potential customers go online.

Mobile and Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, timing is everything. You want to make information about your products and services available to consumers exactly when and where they can use it. Ten years ago, that might have meant placing banner ads on ecommerce sites or featuring pop-up ads on blog posts. Today, the average consumer’s digital literacy has skyrocketed. We carry mobile computers in our pockets and connect to the Internet while we wait in line. It’s time for your digital marketing practices to adapt. At Imagine That, we can help you make the most of modern day mobile marketing for your business.