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Top 36 free graphic design software

Forty excellent graphic design software you can use online to create attractive visual content, such as banners, billboards, infographics, and presentations, is available online.

Visual Content = Engagement

Visual content such as photographs, GIFs, and videos has become increasingly popular in the digital world in recent years for a range of professionals, including designers, marketers, bloggers, and even small business owners.

It’s not surprising that social media engagement with images is highest. Research has found that content with visual elements outperforms plain text on social media. As an example, synthesis of tweets with images is 34 percent more apt to be retweeted.

A quick search on Google Trends shows that interest in the term social media images has been growing at incredible rates for the past ten years. What’s more, according to a study conducted by CoSchedule on the world’s most valuable brands, posts that included images and videos were accountable for spying on more than 80% of all Facebook posts in 2016, receiving more than 92% of all engagement scores for the brand. This is why brands should ensure they stay abreast of this trend, so they stay afloat. Luckily, you no longer need a design background or to spend a lot of money to produce high-quality visual content. As the demand for this practice grew, there’s now an abundance of online solutions available to meet this need. At, our suite of free online tools is used at any given time with many of these services to help users to fulfill their files, and our team believed it might be advantageous to compile a list of the greatest and I believe free online graphic design tools as well as other related online resources for you to try.

The List

Below are 36 programs that can be used to create visual content within minutes and captivate your audience’s interest.

Choosing a new tool can be overwhelming, so we’re here to break it down for you.

  1. Canva is popular among Smallpdf customers. It offers numerous ready-made layouts, filters, typefaces, and icons, making it an excellent resource for creating presentations, social media graphics, and other graphics. One of the most popular free graphic design software.
  2. Stencil – targeted toward helping you create images faster and easier than ever before, Stencil offers quotes, custom sizes, icons, templates, and over 1.5 million photos to help make the perfect picture for your work.
  3. Bannersnack provides an all-in-one banner maker and advertising program featuring ready-made designs and templates on a user-friendly layout that allows simple drag-and-drop.
  4. Freepik is the leading search engine for free vector designs, with over 1 million eligible photos and 40 million monthly visits for graphics resources.
  5. Venngage – An online resource that displays filters, symbols, titles, or images in the best light possible.
  6. Lunacy – free graphic design software for Windows with built-in design sources (photos, icons, and illustrations). Fits for making simple structure templates or advanced presentations. Lunacy works offline and supports .sketch file.
  7. Vectr – a free graphic design software created to create vector graphics easily and intuitively.
  8. Fotor – Another online graphic design software offering photo editing features that allows users to ‘edit’, ‘collage’ and ‘design’ any sort of graphics.
  9. Piktochart—No programming or technical experience necessary. Plus, low fees, so it doesn’t necessarily affect your opening remarks. Only a simple, intuitive tool that helps you inspire visual impact through captivating depictions.
  10. Prezi – Don’t suffer through a tedious presentation with Prezi, a web-based presentation platform in which you can choose the topics you want to include without restriction. Instead, encourage your audience to participate and collaborate with you.
  11. Desygner – A collaborative tool offering people around the world the opportunity to create designs offers an array of ready-made engaging designs that can be easily edited and published.
  12. Easel – Another online graphic design software that enables designers and marketers to easily create beautiful graphics and campaigns with ready-to-use 1,000 templates.
  13. Pablo – Created by Buffer, the popular social media management platform, Pablo offers a tool to create beautiful images they can share on social media.
  14. Genially – As a platform for all kinds of interactive content, firms can create many applications from this platform, from presentations to published videos, dossiers, and more.
  15. Animatron – an intuitive, accessible web-based tool that lets you create inviting and engaging marketing videos. Don’t restrict yourself to images with our list of the best and free graphic design software.
  16. Giphy – for all your gif needs.
  17. BeFunky – An online photo editor that makes it easy to edit and create professional-quality photos and graphic design.
  18. FotoJet – an online website where you can quickly and easily create beautiful collages, posters, greeting cards, and many other types of photo products.
  19. Greetings Island has a very large selection of templates and design tools to customize your invitations and greeting cards. You can also create or upload your designs, and then print or send online.
  20. Postermywall – Over 10,000 templates, free to download and easy to use tools to help consumers create posters, videos, and graphics.
  21. Evite – a website that used to develop, send, and manage online invitations for hundreds of millions of users each year.
  22. Marq is an online design and publishing platform featuring more than 350 templates for brochures, flyers, business cards, social media, newsletters, and more.
  23. Paperless Post – You will be able to make, plan, and host digital invitations online to facilitate connections throughout life.
  24. – Online database of downloadable templates in a variety of formats for users to choose from.
  25. Creative Market is the world’s leading provider of independent design assets, with roughly 27,311 carrying everything from graphics, fonts, themes, and photos to ready-to-use design resources.
  26. piZap is a free and fun program to learn online online photo editor and collage maker, with effects, fonts, stickers, collage layouts, borders, and editing tools.
  27. Hloom has over 1000 templates available, including flyers, resumes, invoices, certificates, and more!
  28. Vecteezy – vector database with over 100,000 vectors to download.
  29. Crello – An online software that can be attained to safely edit images to make covers, covers, graphics, and posters.
  30. Tinkercad is one of the easiest programs to translate your ideas into reality, whether you play video games, create models or explore interior design.
  31. PicMonkey – Photo editor. Design maker. Idea realizer.
  32. Infogram allows you to quickly create charts, maps, infographics, reports, and social media assets. You can access ready-made templates, over 40 chart types, and one million pictures and graphics.
  33. Typito – canva for videos. Use the interface to drag and reposition images as well as provide professionally written text and animation instantly.
  34. Visme: Originally a set of tools that would help create designs such as these, Visma also offers users to create drawings.
  35. Powtoon is a company dedicated to creating video and presentation web content with 18 million global users.
  36. Snappa, a free graphic design software tool, lets you create online graphics quickly and easily. It has more than 500,000 high-resolution photos and more than 70,000 vectors and shapes, in order to let users design the best graphic possible.

Choose yours! Visual content editors are easy to use and efficient and provide a user-friendly interface, making content creation simple for both beginners and experts.

Happy creation!

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