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Top 5 freelance websites in the Middle East

According to medical studies, a recent survey of freelancers found that 31 percent earned $75,000 in earnings every year, and another 13 percent were performing at a much greater level due to working from home. These are a few of the key factors motivating a lot of people toward freelancing and remote work nowadays. Working remotely does two things: first, it limits a company’s overhead resources, and second, it gives a company the benefit of workers compensation programs.

To learn more, browse our article outlining the differences between working through an agency and working remotely. For more information on area freelance websites particularly relevant to the Middle East and North Africa, see the next top.

Working freelance VS remotely has some distinct considerations

Some believe that remote and freelancer occupations are comparable; in actuality, they are not. Being an independent occupational worker indicates that you are employed by a company or a provider, but not physically present at your workplace. You can do your job where you feel comfortable, including your residence, a co-working space, a café, or another place. Remote companies often follow a rigid schedule, so employees from various locations should be accessible during specific hours.

To perform freelance work isn’t necessarily the same thing as working for a company. You’re able to plan your time and the type of job you wish to accomplish the most without being obligated to a certain location or time period. Freelancers are self-employed experts who enjoy the freedom of picking their customers and projects.

If you are planning on working from home as a contractor or freelancer, you might find freelance websites in this article for the MENA region.

5 freelance websites in the Middle East

1. Al7arefa

Egyptian slang for professionals who specialize in their craft and concentrate heavily on detail is callaefa. The Al7arefa platform connects the global online labor market with clients seeking detailed professionals in digital media production, writing, translation, healthcare, towing, and so much more. Visit On Your Way’s website, and you will see well-known names from the Middle Eastern area have used their platform like Mazzika, Raya, and Carriage Egypt.

What makes this freelance website unique is the community-based support they offer to their members through their Facebook page Freelancers Hub and Facebook group. The group has grown to more than 25,000 members since it was created in 2017. Members can post their questions and get answers from other members or admins. Experienced freelancers are encouraged to share their experience and case studies as well.

AI7arefa freelance website

The community’s support for freelancers doesn’t stop there. Enthusiasts of the hashtag #al7arefa engage in a live, streamable discussion for freelancers on a variety of topics they might be interested in. Are you a graphic designer considering a career shift to UX design? Wanting to know what goes on behind the scene of a media buyer job? Take the apartment and find the live streams.


Screenshot of Mosawer freelance website

The maxim that necessity is the mother of the invention provides the inspiration behind, one of the site’s co-founders, when he was looking for a food photographer for a project with his former employer. He needed professionals who are aware of the latest photography trends and able to work with AI photo tools. He felt that finding a professional one was so difficult that he started thinking about mastering these AI photo editors by himself. But it would take time, so he decided to propose a freelance website connecting photographers and videographers with consumers and companies requiring their services.

Top photographers display their portfolios on the homepage of the company website. Potential spectators can view their rates, contact info, and photo editing tools that they work with, including AI photo editors. Clients may avail themselves of the service of the company to outsource production and management for photo shoots and video—such as arranging for the setup, managing the crew, and deciding how to shoot—for a price. There are plans to extend the services provided by photography companies to encompass script supervisors, fashion designers, makeup artists, and models to offer comprehensive photo solutions.

 3. Nabbesh

If you’ve been freelancing for quite a while, you’ve probably used numerous freelance websites offering jobs and seen the low rates that these contractors provide due to the increasing competition. Bidding against thousands of competing freelancers drive bidding rates down, and it is a problem that freelancers swampy their costumers for peanuts.

Screenshot of Nabbesh freelance website

Nabbesh is my favorite because it’s highly affordable. According to the What It Does section on the Nabbesh website, customers can hire freelancers in different categories by posting a job, and then the staff will line up five different professionals to compete for the job until the customer has closed their offer. This provides the client better odds of landing the job at a lower price.

Joining the platform enables businesses to work with either on-site local freelancers, or remote ones. Project management services are also available for businesses working on large projects. Massive names like General Electric and IBM Studios have established businesses on the platform.

 4. Tasmeemme

Screenshot of Tasmeemme freelance website

For achieving creative work items, such as photographic work, logo design or the creation of animations, it can be difficult to locate a competent contractor. Here the benefit of freelance websites like Tasmeemme plainly emerges! Having a marketplace where creative Arab talents are found for hire is a great advantage.

Tasmeemme has appeared in 2009 as a platform where graphic designers and other creatives could look for ways to obtain remote, part-time, freelance and long-term positions. As a client, you have two options, you can either contact via the platform a graphic designer private or outsource the complete job to Tasmeemme and they’ll handle it for you.

In 2014, the firm began providing online training courses on how to work with graphic design software for their designers to improve their skills. They taught them how to work with Adobe software, a free design app Lunacy, Figma collaborating tool, and many more. Representatives could also offer designers ready-made templates (logos, business cards, fonts, infographics, etc.) for sale through the online marketplace. In 2016, the online marketplace registered the careers of more than 200,000 designers, and job listings exceeded 5,000.

Tamar Schaper won several awards, including the grand prize at Excellence in Technology and Society Awards in Jordan Application for Business and Web Development, the grand prize at Arabnet Award of Excellence for Internet Economy, and the grand prize at Arabnet Prize of Excellence for teaching their representatives how to work with design apps.

If you don’t have a budget, you don’t have any design experience, and you don’t have the means to create your own logo from scratch, the GoDaddy logo maker makes it easy for you to create an attractive logo. You can take advantage of any number of premade layout templates and change them to suit your needs. It’s an ideal option for businesses that don’t possess any design skills, enabling customers to create their own logo with an easy-to-use free design app. Dozens of distinctive graphics and fonts can also be included.


Screenshot of Ureed freelance website

If you’re a business owner seeking freelance authors or editors, or if you have a passion for language and want to explore translation opportunities, Ureed is your one-stop freelance website. It is a website dedicated to connecting individuals with freelance jobs and facilitating their work with individuals and companies.

You can visit their YouTube channel to get in touch with them for advice on becoming a contractor or posting a project as an employer. Along with informative blog posts covering a wide array of outstanding industries, Ureed’s website is also a superb resource for language professionals. Their blog is updated regularly with new posts pertaining to posting offers, language usage, and other related topics.

If you believe that the mystery is being perverted for PRA (Props, royalties, and affiliates), you are probably missing something essential. Fast Content is a market that provides on-demand content services to businesses and individuals. It has experienced writers and writers at its disposal to provide high-quality content in an extremely fast turnaround time.

The bottom line

Do you wish to start freelancing on freelance websites or set up your own workspace? You can visit other parts of our platform to see how to develop your business online and formulate your own online portfolio to showcase your most recent projects. GoDaddy’s Websites Marketing tool can help you do so.


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