Tom Fellner - CEO

Tom Fellner

Education & Experience

After serving in the Air Force Security Police, Tom Fellner was looking for a career to utilize his degree in Marketing Communications. Over the next 17 years Tom worked as a graphic production team leader at a large Wisconsin cheese distributor to further gain experience in creative design and art direction, project management, videography, and database development. He also has expanded his training into project management and team leadership.

As our CEO, team leader and head web designer, Tom brings his expertise in creative design and art direction, project management, brand design, web development and usability, videography, and database development to Imagine That customers, ranging from web design for small businesses to designing brands for large corporations.

Favorite Quote: "Well there you go... Bob's your uncle"

Living the Life

Tom and Wendy Fellner were drawn to the mountains during their honeymoon in 1994. They left Wisconsin in 2007 and moved to Frisco, Colorado permanently where they both love the mountain lifestyle.

Tom loves hiking with his wife, Wendy, biking and skiing. He also appreciates a good RTS game from time to time.   A true super geek, Tom loves reading anything to do with theories on website usability and brand design. 

Tom Fellner, Imagine That, Inc.
Tom Fellner
Imagine That: Dream Bigger!
Owner & CEO
Frisco, Colorado
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